Project #4

Project #4:

Project #4 was a reflection of the whole course and how the activities I completed help me achieve course outcomes and my course goals.

This course required a lot of time and effort but was worth it in the long wrong. I learn about different applications and I know how to present a different type of writing skills.

Project #3

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Individual Collaboration Report: 
Project Proposal: The purpose of this memo is to propose our solution for the below standard teamwork shown at Universal Assistance. Included will be a discussion of the problem and our method for finding and sharing the solution. In addition we will introduce each of team members and what our tasks will be for the solution. We will also be including details about where and how we intend to conduct the research. Next we will go over how we intend to track our team's time, energy and labor. There will be a table outlining the responsibilities for each team member.
SUMMARY: Jonah, Wesley, and Ashley will be conducting research to help create a better team atmosphere in the workplace of Universal Assistance. It is important that the team works well together to create a manual that can be used at Universal Assistance to help their employees work bett…


We our a consulting company, we have been hired to help assist a technical company of Universal Assistance with teamwork and collaboration.The company has been dealing with conflicts in the group and looking for a resolution. Our team consist of three members; Ashley White, Jonah Matanky, and Wesley Ochs. Our goal is produce a report to help clear up any problems and show the correct way to produce great products as a team.

First sentence needs improvement: We are a consulting company, we have been hired to help assist a technical company of Universal Assistance with teamwork and collaboration. Second sentence better word choice: This company has been dealing with conflicts in groups and is seeking for a resolution. Fourth sentence is good but we need a follow up on how to achieve our goal: We plan on achieving this goal by annotating scholarly articles to support our main claims.
Teamwork and group projects are a common thing in today’s society because of the networking and production …

Reflect on Peer Review Project #3

From looking at the other two groups projects I learn about the guidelines for the project. My group was late working on the draft so see others help gave me an idea on how the draft was suppose to look like. I need to be very detail in my main sections of the project and have good sources. After reading and replying I learn how what to search for in the library database to find the correct sources.

Analyze Ethical Considerations

Four Ethnical Consideration Project #3

Competence and diligence: I do have training and experience on working on research papers and working in groups to complete a project. I think I did work diligent this whole project. Though I could of put more effort if I had more time but I got the job done. I believe Jonah work diligent also and Wesley was pretty busy with outside and could of put more work in for the project.

Generosity: It is important in a group and we did communicate what needs to be done and if someone had questions we help work it out. Answers the problem state or research question shows how generosity works and being productive.

Honesty and candor: We didn't steal any rolls or ideas from each other along with making sure we cited everything. Citing is important because we have to give credit to everyone word. Our research was honest and true to what we were trying to say in order to better the Universal Assistance company.

Loyalty: We had loyal team members with the same…

Conduct Individual Resource Evaluation, Part 2

Evaluating Print and Online Sources

Effective Team Communication
Crick, Jerry. “Effective Team Communication.” In Practice, vol. 36, no. 2, 2014, pp. 96–98., doi:10.1136/inp.g380. Accessed 7 Aug. 2017.
Authorship: I do not recognize the author but I trust the article because I got it from the U of A database. I did not see other articles link to my article but there was many articles similar to the topic I searched.
Publiser: The article was published in, "In Practice"
Knowledge of the literature: The author seems real experience in the topic of effective team communication because he mentions his tactics he uses in his company and the results.
Accuracy and verifiability of the information: Coming from a research database I think it is accurate and justified information.
Timeliness: The article was published in 2014, which makes it pretty recent and the information if valid.

Conduct Individual Resource Evaluation, Part 1

Evaluating Print and Online Sources 

Neuman, George A. and Julie Wright. "Team Effectiveness: Beyond Skills and Cognitive Ability." Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 84, no. 3, June 1999, pp. 376-389. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1037/0021-9010.84.3.376.
I do not recognize the author but I got the article from the U of A library database so I trust the author and where it comes from. The site does have other links related to articles with the same ideas and focuses as the article I was reading.

Publiser: Journal of Applied Psychology published the article.

Knowledge of the literature: The author seem well skilled in the topic and had many references along with his own ideas in the article.

Accuracy and verifiability of the information: I believe the information is accurate because it came from the U of A library database and the references attached to the article.

Timeliness: The document was not recent, it was published in June 1999. It was not updated but it was commonly use…